Group – Private Lessons – Fees


General  Information

Greek group courses am or pm, can be offered when at least 4 participants are registered at place for the same time and level. The maximum size of a group is 9 participants and the minimum age is 18 years old.

A placement test is given at place, for those who would like to make a registration and have already some knowledge of the Greek language, in order to find their appropriate level at the time being.

Participants at the end of their studies, receive upon request a certificate of attendance.

Lectures will not be held during i) the National Holidays: March 11 & 25, May 1, October 28 , ii) the following Religious Holiday times: 25 April – 03 May 2019 (Orthodox Easter), 23 December 2019 – 07 January 2020 (Christmas season) and iii) in August

Registration and Fees for Modern Greek Language

Group Courses at Greek House (30h):

Registration is made at place, no later than 5 days before the start of the course; a deposit fee of € 70 must be received for the program course at your registration day; discount 10% on a group course with a registration of a friend of yours for the same level and time; in case that registrations are closed for a group course then, or you can have private courses or you can wait for the next scheduled group course.

Fees: € 270

Private Courses:

– Can be done at Greek House’s office or at your place, for modern Greek language as well as for Conversation courses or Seminars in more specialized areas

Fees are based on the asking course, the exact time (am or pm), the total asking hours, the distance (if they will be at your place) and the level (for language courses). To get more information please send a message at Greek House, through the Contact section (“Get in Touch“).

Registration is made at Greek House’s office or at your place, or can be booked by distance if you live abroad; for booking them, a deposit fee of € 70 must be received through bank transfer before the start of the course; in case that the teacher, due to force majeure, can not make the lessons, your deposit fee will be returned.

Course fees can be paid: cash, bank transfer or credit card.

Fees does not include textbooks or other classroom material.

Refund Policy: No refunds are given by cancelling your registration or after a seminar has begun.

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